Do you want to accelerate your growth and start to make serious, life-changing income from property? 

Maybe you already have a few properties but want to get to the next level of income with HMOs? 

Perhaps you have some income from property but are unsure how to scale and systemise effectively? 

You might have thought about mentoring as a highly effective way to get you to the next level of success but not sure what is involved and how it works. 

Is Mentoring right for you? 

If your portfolio keeps you up at night, or if you just don't have enough income to give up your day job, and you are committed to growing a cashflowing portfolio of HMOs, then joining Wendy's Magical Mentoring Programme will supercharge your growth.

The core focus is on creating Financial Freedom with HMOs which is residual and hands-free. Unlike many other programmes that teach you the nuts and bolts but then leave you to manage your properties yourself, we show you how you can set it up, let it out and forget it! The taster day will explain exactly how Wendy did it, and how you too can copy ALL her systems, processes and tools to do exactly the same.

“We've just come back from 3 fantastic weeks abroad, most of which has been out of WiFi and phone coverage. Guess what? The business is still here, none of our property has blown up, self-combusted or been hit by a passing North Korean missile. Everything has functioned correctly whilst we were away and now we can see how far we have come with Wendy. Thanks to all of you for inspiration and support. Remember, systems, process, leverage and dream team.” Sue Ayton and Dave Oldroyd of Quality Yorkshire Homes.