Training Courses and Mentoring

Here at HMO Success we believe in the power of education. Traditional education teaches us to

  • Get good exam results
  • Get a good job
  • Pay down your mortgage

And yet we know that the most successful investors and entrepreneurs have often taken a very different route. If you want to create additional income to leave your job, change your future, and create freedom for yourself and your family, the education you've had so far probably won't get you there.

At HMO Success we have years of experience helping people

  • breakthrough their mental models to understand how investing in HMOs work
  • transforming their money mindset to believe this is possible for them
  • and creating massive momentum so that procrastination is replaced by action.

All our training courses are practical, results-driven and contain real world case studies of deals WE have actually done. As active investors we bring real life examples of actual properties we have turned into HMOs, so that you can see how to copy the model for yourself.

“Wendy and Ian were brilliant at helping me see how I could invest in HMOs even with little capital. Using their system I now have a five bed making me £1200 per month cashflow !”

Sarah Hulson-Beech

Which training course is right for you? 

You're new to HMOs and want an overview of the strategy. 

HMO Discovery Experience

You want in-depth training and knowledge to understand HMOs in detail.

Are you ready to put an end to the confusion, indecision and fear about investing in HMOs?