Wendy understands exactly what it's like to set up a portfolio of HMOs. After all, she's done it herself. 

Maybe you're toying with the idea of creating on-going income from property but don't know what to do or where to start?

Or perhaps you're a parent or carer, who wants to leave a legacy for your children. 

Or maybe you're worried about a lack of pension when you retire, and wondering how you will make ends meet. 

We found investing in HMOs to be life-changing. If you do it right, by following a well-trodden system you can do it too. What are you waiting for?

Wendy Whittaker-Large started investing in HMOs in 2012 and within two and a half years was earning more from her portfolio than she was in her full time job. After she (and then her husband Andy) retired from full-time work, she set up HMO Success to help others achieve financial freedom just as she had done.

She is the author of '101 Essential Tips for Running a Professional HMO - Giving you time, money and freedom' and 'Extraordinary Profits from Ordinary Properties' : both Amazon best sellers.

Wendy loves to help others create residual income, and she teaches, trains and mentors them to success. She helps other people to achieve financial freedom, enabling them to fulfil their dreams of having a much higher quality of life and more time to spend with their children and family. She works with a whole range of people - from those with young families and full-time jobs to older people looking to secure their financial future for retirement.

Wendy can help you Start, Scale and Systemise your HMO portfolio so that you can have results like these people ...

I started out knowing nothing about HMOs. Wendy taught me how to find the right ones in the right area, and rinse and repeat it. My first HMO makes me £1600 profit per month (fully managed in Stockport) and I now have a pipeline of deals worth over £600k”  

Mick Regan, Investor and Full-Time Dad

“Can only say positive things about this course. I’ve learnt so much in a totally supportive environment. The group work has been great fun and the personal mentoring by Wendy has pushed me on by leaps and bounds. I’m certain that I wouldn’t have achieved these results without doing the course. An excellent investment that has more than paid for itself “ 

Sue Prytherch, Business Owner and Investor

'Without Wendy's help and the help of the mentoring programme, I would never be in the position I am now. With three cashflowing HMOs and a handful of other properties. I am delighted and grateful"!

Pallavi Sharma, Investor and Mum

Are you ready to create a brand new stream of residual income?