HMO Intensive Online


Now re-launched as a completely online event you'll learn how to take an ordinary property and turn it into a high cashflowing HMO. You will learn the complete 5-Step System to creating a portfolio of cashflowing HMOs so you can create the lifestyle YOU want!

Each module will be released over the period of a week, during which you will receive online support through a closed, private Facebook group. You will have enough time to watch teach module before having a live session with Wendy, delving deeper into case studies, questions and examples.

All aspects of starting, scaling and systemising your HMO business will be included. On this intensive but exhilarating week-long event you'll learn:  

  • Financial Foundations to ensure your business starts correctly and can grow fast 
  • Sourcing, Structuring and Securing the BEST HMO deals - Understanding WHERE to find the best places to invest and HOW to do your due diligence 
  • Project Management Masterclass (saving time and money) - How to manage builders, timescales and budgets
  • Interior Design Intensive (to create rooms that sell out fast) - How to create beautiful rooms with low-cost and no-cost solutions 
  • Tenant Tamper-Proofing (ways to become efficient) through using technology and insider know-how!
  • Remote Control Your Rentals - So its hands-free and you're happy! Learning the systems that will make your portfolio work without you.  

As a fabulous bonus, you will receive a bundle of amazing goodies worth over £600! Contained within a physical pack of information and an 8GB USB stick with explanatory videos, the pack includes

  • A Step by Step weekly activity schedule to get your first HMO up and running
  • Deal Analysis Toolkit - so you know just how to crunch the numbers on a deal
  • The Unique Project Planner System - to ensure you hit your project on time and on budget
  • A Budget and Costings Master Sheet if you have never project managed before
  • A Complete Tenancy Pack - with all you need to rent your rooms effectively
  • 7 creative ways to add maximum value to a property
  • Three HMO case study kits to copy and model
  • How to choose a GREAT HMO Agent Cheatsheet
  • Your very own Virtual Assistant Tool Kit
  • PLUS BOTH of Wendy's best selling HMO books!

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You don't just need knowledge, you also need direction and confidence to put it into practice. 

Here are a few reasons why:

It's hard to get started even if you know the theory. You'll learn all you need to know, but we'll also work with you to plan your next steps. Whether that's raising money from investors, finding the right area in which to build your asset base, or systemising the business to run hands-free. We'll work together to create an implementation plan that will make it easy. 

Whether you want to make an extra £1,000 per month or an extra £5,000, you'll learn exactly how you can do it with the resources you already have. 

HMOs are an advanced strategy which require an advanced mindset! To do this right and to do this effectively, you need support and training to conquer your fears and your concerns. Our Three Day HMO Intensive will give you all you need to get started - immediately!

Many of our clients know the theory about HMOs but are scared to put it into practice - thinking that it will be too hard, take too long, or cost too much. You'll grow in confidence as you learn how to secure properties for next-to-no-money and how to implement low-cost or no-cost solutions for your business. We'll show you exactly how a handful of properties can completely change your life. 

“With Wendy’s help I’ve gone from earning a few hundreds of pounds a month from my single Buy-to-Let portfolio to literally earning THOUSANDS! I would recommend her training to anyone serious about making money from HMOs”  

Taro Nabetani, Professional Investor

I'd like to know more about HMO Intensive

Are you ready to create life-changing income?