101 Essential Tips for Running a Professional HMO

2nd Edition - Updated for 2021

Giving you time, money and freedom!

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Wendy Whittaker-Large started investing in Houses of Multiple Occupation in 2012. She was working part-time and looking after her family of four boys. Time and money were not on her side!

She saw what a powerful strategy HMOs were for making money and also for helping the housing economy and so her company Best Nest was formed. It was through investing in HMOs that she became financially free within 18 months, and just a year later in March 2015 her husband gave up his well-paying job to join her in the business. She now helps others create the lifestyle of their dreams by investing in HMOs. 

Updated in 2021 with new content to take account of recent changes in legislation and practice, this book is ESSENTIAL reading for anyone interested in how HMOs work from beginning to end. If you want to create a profitable HMO portfolio, this book explains how Wendy did it, and how you can too.

You’ll Learn:

How to FIND, FUND, FINISH, FILL and FUTURE-PROOF your investment . Amongst other things you'll learn:

How to locate the best deals by understanding the MACRO and MICRO factors in the areas that work best for HMOs

What the current HMO market WANTS and NEEDS in the contemporary and professional market place

How to work with builders effectively by splitting your project into PHASES

The core systems to advertise your rooms and present them beautifully

Tips to grow your profit and reduce your outgoings each and every year! 

"Awesome book with really sound advice, I love the reading format, visually it makes reading it a real pleasure! Thank you Wendy!"

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"This book is outstanding. It has really useful and sensible tips that genuinely help us to run our HMOs for young professionals.”

Liz Lanfear

Multilet UK

Brilliant book full of tips for running HMO projects. This book has been well thought out and the author obviously has loads of experience to share. Thoroughly recommend it as a reference book for all landlords.”

Keith Webster

Entrepreneur and Property Investor

"It's often the little things repeated on a daily basis that make ALL the difference and this book is jam packed with a multitude of tips, tricks, hints and insider knowledge that Wendy has obviously accumulated over the years by walking the walk. The small investment will pay you back a thousand times over. Buy it and implement its lessons one at a time!."

Francis Dolley

MLCS - the UKs best Rent-to-Rent training company

"Wish I'd bought this book before I did my first HMO. Comes across as having real experience, and cuts through all the hype and fluff. Totally recommended for anyone starting in HMOs, or anyone who is already doing HMOs but who wants to do them better.”

Peter Jones

Property Investor, Speaker, Author

"This book covers the correct way to set up and establish a HMO, and is a great book for anyone wanting to beef up their knowledge & learn from somebody that knows what they are doing. I like the easy to read format, but it should not be confused with lightweight books available elseware. It has lots of 'in depth content rich information' and is clearly well thought out.

Mark Doyle

Property Investor, JV Partner, Mentor & Speaker, Author

Wendy Whittaker-Large

About the Author

The HMO Queen!

Wendy Whittaker-Large, is the founder of multiple companies including Best Nest which is a high end HMO company. She is passionate about Houses of Multiple Occupation for their contribution to the housing economy and the positive contribution they can make to people’s lives. 

Over the last 18 years she has steadily built a multi-million pound property portfolio whilst raising a family and running an award-winning full-time business. It was through investing in HMOs that she became financially free.  

By implementing her well tried and tested 101 Essential Tips you will quickly learn the methods of professional investors who make thousands of pounds profit per month. Wendy now runs a highly successful Mentoring programme for investors just like you, who want to be financially free. Her practical, supportive and systematic approach can help you TOO. 

For further information, and for a FREE 30 minute consultation call, you can contact her on www.wendywl.uk.

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101 Essential Tips for Running a Professional HMO